I joined Flickr about a month ago with a free account and as I sit here in my hotel room in Maui uploading photos from my vacation I find I need to go pro. I really dig Flickr, it’s a great tool to upload and share photos. I love the tagging and grouping feature Flickr offers and geo tagging is just awesome!

The great thing about geo tagging your images and using Flickr is that you can simply upload geo tagged photos and Flickr automatically adds them to a map where you can see where all your shots were taken and also explore other people’s shots from nearby. The other nice thing about geo tagged images and Flickr is that it is great tool to do location scouting. Going to a new town you never been before and don’t know where to go for photos? Just type in the address at Flickr and search all photos tagged in that area, really easy to do and really helpful if new to an area.

To view photos from my Maui vacation feel free to visit my Flickr set at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gregoryhughdavidson/sets/72157600393325839/

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